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m (List of PUR (unofficial user repositories))
(List of PUR (unofficial user repositories))
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  Server = http://arch.os-zen.net/pkg/shadowhand
  Server = http://arch.os-zen.net/pkg/shadowhand
Server = http://wael.nasreddine.com/files/arch/repo/wael/os/i686/

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Why unofficial user repositories

Since the AUR only allows users to upload PKGBUILD and other package build related files, but does not provide a means for distributing a binary package, a user may want to create a binary repository of their packages elsewhere.

The community repository, maintained by the TUs

 Server = ftp://ftp.archlinux.org/community/os/i686/

List of PUR (unofficial user repositories)

 Server = http://www.cjdj.org/arch/pkg
 Server = http://effigies.freelinuxhost.com/pacman/
 Server = http://lanteau.homelinux.org/~lanteau/arch/hostile
 Server = http://people.jyu.fi/~vpkaihla/arch
 Server = ftp://celti.a.la/archlinux/packages/i686/celti
 Server = http://celti.afraid.org/archlinux/packages/i686/celti/

 Server = http://pkg.archlinux.nl
 Server = http://arch.linux-stats.org/pkgs
 Server = http://personales.ya.com/vmromanos/arch/pkgs
 Server = http://arch.marfis.org/binaries
 Server = http://arch.madfire.net
 Server = http://arch.lworks.org
 Server = http://arch.lworks.cjb.net/
 Server = http://marcosaxo.madoka.be/files/arch

 Server = http://chao.ch/archiv/archlinux/i686/

 Server = http://arch.os-zen.net/pkg/shadowhand

 Server = http://wael.nasreddine.com/files/arch/repo/wael/os/i686/ 

Add your own repository to this list

If you have your own repository, please add this to this list, so that all other users knows where to find your packages.