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The ArchHaskell group works on providing Haskell packages to the wider Arch Linux community. The ultimate goal is to provide all of Hackage as binary packages for easy installation. We are still a long way away :-)

See also Haskell package guidelines.


The main resources for the ArchHaskell community to interact and discuss are:

  • #arch-haskell IRC channel @
    • Good for quick discussion and planning
    • Currently severely underpopulated
  • mailing list
    • Broader announcements, and automated updates
    • Currently very low traffic, but responses do come.
    • Also, check the archives.
  • ArchHaskell group on GitHub
    • Repositories for tools as well as the source for the binary packages (HABS).


Due to using GitHub for the source repositories, membership is not required at all in order to contribute. Just fork the relevant repository, make some changes, and file a pull request.

There are currently three people with commit rights to the ArchHaskell repository at GitHub:

  • Magnus Therning
  • Leif Warner