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[[Category:System administration]]
#REDIRECT [[pacman#Upgrading packages]]
{{Warning|It is ''strongly advised'' to avoid the {{ic|--force}} switch as it is not safe. This will seriously break your system, especially for the {{ic|/lib}} update.}}
{{Note|[[mkinitcpio]] can fail during a kernel install, especially after a lengthy delay in updating. If it fails run it again manually before updating or the system will fail to boot}}
{{Note|Remember to deal with [[Pacnew and Pacsave Files]] after upgrading.}}
Archlinux upgrades occasionally require manual intervention to complete. While its best practise to regularly update an archlinux installation, sometimes this isn't possible and upgrading a system can be complicated by multiple simultaneous conflicting updates, especially since conflicts can interact with each other. Collected here are detailed instructions to bring old machines from various points of time up to date.
= Timeline =
The timeline of recent breaking changes detailed on this page:
* '''2012-11-04''' [https://www.archlinux.org/news/end-of-initscripts-support/ End of initscripts support]
* '''2012-09-06''' [https://www.archlinux.org/news/fontconfig-2101-update-manual-intervention-required/ Fontconfig 2.10.1 update]
* '''2012-07-14''' [https://www.archlinux.org/news/the-lib-directory-becomes-a-symlink/ The /lib directory becomes a symlink]
* '''2012-06-07''' [https://www.archlinux.org/news/filesystem-upgrade-manual-intervention-required-1/ Symlinks to /run]
* '''2011-12-20''' [https://www.archlinux.org/news/filesystem-upgrade-manual-intervention-required/ Symlinks to /proc/self/mounts]
= End of initscripts support =
[[Systemd]] is now the default init system. Its strongly encourage for all users to migrate as soon as possible. Please refer to the [[Systemd]] page for more instructions.
= Fontconfig 2.10.1 update =
The fontconfig 2.10.1 update overwrites symlinks created by the former package version. These symlinks need to be removed before the update:
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/20-unhint-small-vera.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/20-fix-globaladvance.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/29-replace-bitmap-fonts.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/30-metric-aliases.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/30-urw-aliases.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/40-nonlatin.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/45-latin.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/51-local.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/60-latin.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-fonts-persian.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/69-unifont.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/80-delicious.conf
  rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/90-synthetic.conf
  pacman -Sy fontconfig
Main systemwide configuration should be done by symlinks (especially for autohinting, sub-pixel and lcdfilter):
  cd /etc/fonts/conf.d
  ln -s ../conf.avail/XX-foo.conf
For more information, refer to [https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Font_Configuration Font Configuration] and [https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fonts Fonts].
= The /lib directory becomes a symlink =
All Arch Linux packages have had their files in the {{ic|/lib}} directory moved to {{ic|/usr/lib}} and now {{ic|/lib}} is a symlink to {{ic|usr/lib}}. When performing this update, pacman will likely identify a conflict in the {{ic|/lib}} directory. In the simplest case, this is worked around by doing:
Instructions for dealing with this update have been enumerated here. Please read this page very carefully before proceeding.
= Upgrading Filesystem =
Upgrading the filesystem package can get tricky since there are several different breaking changes that may have accumulated over time that somewhat interact with each other. Pick the section below that best describes the conflict you see for instructions to bring the {{ic|filesystem}} package up to date.
== Symlinks to /run and /run/lock ==
As of {{ic|filesystem-2012.6-2}} the folders {{ic|/var/run}} and {{ic|/var/lock}} will be replaced by symlinks to {{ic|/run}} and {{ic|/run/lock}}, respectively.
On most systems this is already the case, as {{ic|initscripts}} create the symlinks on boot. However, these symlinks are not owned by any package, which is what we are fixing with this upgrade.
If the symlinks are already in place on your system (which should be the case for most people), then you can simply perform:
  pacman -Sy
  rm -r /var/{lock,run} /etc/profile.d/locale.sh
  pacman -S filesystem
Then reboot the system before continuing along with the upgrade.
Upgrading while running a kernels prior to {{ic|linux-3.4}} will get a warning about permissions on {{ic|/sys}}. This is nothing to worry about, as of {{ic|linux-3.4}} the permissions will be {{ic|555}}, and this upgrade reflects this in the {{ic|filesystem}} package.
== Conflict with mtab ==
The file {{ic|/etc/mtab}} used to be generated at boot and hence was owned by any package. Now it is a symlink to {{ic|/proc/self/mounts}} owned by {{ic|filesystem}}. This change means that {{ic|initscripts}} no longer requires write access to the rootfs (though other packages might).
However following the instructions on the news, while sufficiently for dealing with this conflict at the time, will now interact with later {{ic|filesystem}} update. To upgrade do
  pacman -Sy
  pacman -S initscripts
  rm -r /var/{lock,run} /etc/mtab
Now you'll to comment out {{ic|CheckSpace}} in {{ic|/etc/pacman.conf}} as pacman needs to access {{ic|/etc/mtab}} to enable this feature. It is highly recommended to enable to restore it after dealing with the conflict.
  pacman -S filesystem
And then reboot the system before continuing along with the upgrade like described in the previous section.

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