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==Helpful Links==
==Helpful Links==
[[Help:Reading]] - How to read ArchWiki.
[[Help:Reading]] - How to read ArchWiki.
[[Help:Style]] - ArchWiki Style Guide
===ArchWiki Editing===
===ArchWiki Editing===

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Helpful Links

Help:Reading - How to read ArchWiki. Help:Style - ArchWiki Style Guide

ArchWiki Editing


Helpful or Memorable Quotes

Proactively seek to give of yourself and to bring only benefit to your peers and community. - Forum Etiquette#Common Sense Introduction

Arch Linux defines simplicity as without unnecessary additions, modifications, or complications, and provides a lightweight UNIX-like base structure that allows an individual user to shape the system according to their own needs. In short: an elegant, minimalist approach. - The Arch Way#Simplicity

Arch Linux targets and accommodates competent GNU/Linux users by giving them complete control and responsibility over the system. - The Arch Way#User-centric

The primary objective of ArchWiki is to provide the Arch Linux user community with the most comprehensive and the most accessible documentation on the web. This is a world-wide project with many participants from all corners of the globe. The wiki embraces The Arch Way with respect to simplicity. ArchWiki is constantly evolving and thrives on collaboration; there is always room for improvement. - ArchWiki:About#Goals