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I am a simple ArchWiki Contributor with a limited interest in the Arch Forums. I am a history, anthropology, and foreign studies student, as well as a computer hobbyist who currently resides in Fairbanks, US-AK.

As my availability permits, I work on contributions to the ArchWiki. The amazing documentation was one of the earliest pulls Arch Linux had for me, and I hope to similarly help others as they discover Arch and GNU/Linux.

I have since come back to Arch Linux by way of Korora and Fedora (after a long stint in Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian land) and I have no intention of leaving again. I love Arch Linux's flexibility, and I find it just as easy as any other distribution (if not easier) once I have it configured to my taste.

My current prime area of focus is Btrfs.

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Yes, please don't take example from what User:Danielwallace did; content should never be removed without at least a valid explanation in the edit summary, and anyway, in this case UNetbootin must be mentioned, even only as an non-recommended, discouraged alternative in a Warning: following the philosophy of the ArchWiki and Arch Linux in general, no available option must be hidden to the users, who are the only ones who can choose what's best for themselves in the end. -- Kynikos (talk) 13:22, 17 September 2012 (UTC) - Talk:USB Installation Media#UNetbootin_should_be_removed

Proactively seek to give of yourself and to bring only benefit to your peers and community. - Forum Etiquette#Common Sense Introduction

Arch Linux defines simplicity as without unnecessary additions, modifications, or complications, and provides a lightweight UNIX-like base structure that allows an individual user to shape the system according to their own needs. In short: an elegant, minimalist approach. - The Arch Way#Simplicity

Arch Linux targets and accommodates competent GNU/Linux users by giving them complete control and responsibility over the system. - The Arch Way#User-centric

The primary objective of ArchWiki is to provide the Arch Linux user community with the most comprehensive and the most accessible documentation on the web. This is a world-wide project with many participants from all corners of the globe. The wiki embraces The Arch Way with respect to simplicity. ArchWiki is constantly evolving and thrives on collaboration; there is always room for improvement. - ArchWiki:About#Goals


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