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Stuff that I could do:
{{stub|This banner is a stub.}}
* <s>add more info to the [[Qt]] page</s>
* some work on [[Common Applications]]: (only Games are left, not in the mood, maybe some day..)
* [[User:Alexfikl/Todo|TODO]]
** <s>look into the stub sections</s>
** <s>everything in alphabetical order</s>
** <s>use the App template all over</s>
** <s>general cleaning up</s>
** <s>[[Common Applications#Sound_editing]]: should the ID3 tagging apps be there? made a new section</s>
** <s>GTK+ everywhere</s>
** <s>commandline/command line/command-line? command-line </s>
** what to do with [[DVD Ripping]]? merge (next to CD Ripping)/link to common apps from dvd ripping/anything else?
** same for [[DVD Burning]]. the cd/dvd burning category is marked for merging into [[CD Burning]]. what about this?
* <s>remove stuff like ''(in AUR)'' from the [[Backup Programs]] page. </s>
* <s>format [[Softphone]] and move to [[Common Applications/Internet]]</s>
* a [[Dolphin]] page (in [[User:Alexfikl/Sandbox]])
* <s>clean up [[Sage-mathematics]]</s>
* <s>clean up [[Firefox]]</s>
* clean up [[Matlab]]. maybe even think of some stuff to add?
* the rest

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