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This is a list of Arch related things I would like to keep track of. This is probably of little interest to anyone but me and my stalkers...

Developer Stuff


  • FS#5721 - Add status option to rc.d proto. Waiting on initscript support
  • Add -bzr and -hg PKGBUILD prototypes
  • Update rc-info.proto


  • Move to SVN
  • Get a [community-testing] repo

Repo cleanup


Rebuild Lists For My Packages

Trusted User Stuff

Community64 Building

AUR Cleanup

Package I may move to community

Pacman Stuff

Bugs I intend to fix

  • FS#8645 - Restore pacsave files. First attempt at fixing [1]

Scripts for pacman-contrib

  • List file not under pacman's control - [2] [3]
  • Repo cleaner - [4] [5]. Note: more options available in pacman-3.2
  • File search - [6]. Perhaps too Arch specific.
  • tools for dealing with pacman log


  • Hooks
  • Do more with optdepends
  • Add a lot more documentation to the code base
  • Increase pactest coverage [7]
  • Combine NoUpgrade and NoExtract
  • Library for makepkg [8] - not entirely convinced yet... See also [9] & [10]


General Arch Stuff

Bug Day