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The Dream

We will one day live in a world where we no longer have to suffer the tedium of repeated tasks in pacman install files. The future will arrive bearing the stuff of legends... Things that have been talked about in quiet whispers for decades. Pacman hooks!


Hook files are placed in /usr/lib/pacman/hooks or /etc/pacman.d/hooks. Those in /etc override those in /usr/lib. An empty file in /etc disables the hook in /usr/lib.

(TODO: Do hook files need a standard suffix?)

Hook Format


Description = Add info files to the info directory
Requires = install-info
Type = PostTransaction

File = /usr/share/info/*
Exec = install-info %f usr/share/info/dir &>/dev/null

Detailed options

[Hook] section

Description: (Optional) Brief description of the hook

Requires: (Optional) Required software for hook to run

Type: PreRemove|PostRemove|PreInstall|PostInstall|Transaction

  • Before the installation/upgrade of the package (PreInstall)
  • After the installation/upgrade of the package (PostInstall)
  • Before the removal of the package (PreRemove)
  • After the removal of the package (PostRemove)
  • At the end of the transaction (PostTransaction)

(TODO: sort out definite list - leaning on side of generality)

Before/After: (Optional) Control the ordering of the hook

[Target] Section

File: File or list of files that trigger a hook. Can be increase in specificity by using the prefixes Installed/Upgraded/Removed


Package: Package or list of packages that trigger the hook. Installed/Upgraded/Removed prefixes

(TODO: other general targets - e.g. for all transactions, all installs?)

Exec: the command to be run during the upgrade. Can use the following replacements (will be quoted):

%f: the triggering file - if more than one, the command is looped
%F: the list of triggering files
%p: the triggering package
%P: the list of triggering packages

Additional Configuration

During ./configure the system hooks directory is specified with --with-hooksdir defaulting to EPREFIX/lib when unspecified. The override directory is not configurable beyond using --sysconfdir.

Old Versions for Reference