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I'm a student (17 years old, 2002) who live in Turkey, Edirne and trying to contribute to community (for now by translating and scripting).

To contact me (I don't use phone):

  • E-mail:
  • IRC (freenode): vejetaryenvampir
  • Matrix:
  • NotABug:

My Environment:

  • Machine: ThinkPad x200s (main) ThinkPad X1 Carbon (rarely) (Thanks to AJ, who is my hero and will be always <3)
  • WM: I actually use DWM but I'm tweaking AwesomeWM for 1 month and I think I will switch back to DWM again. :)
  • I don't use any GUI program in my workflow [even browser most of the time (I can use elinks as web2text browser)].
  • Terminal: ST (Suckless/Simple Terminal).
  • Font: Hack 10/12/14 px depending on how far am I from the monitor.
  • GTK Theme: deepin-dark
  • GTK Icon Theme: Arc
  • Editor: I was using vim but for couple months I'm using neovim instead due to mappable ALT key maps and obeying XDG standards.