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* [[Beryl]]
* [[Beryl]]
* [[Persistent block device naming]]
* [[Persistent block device naming]]
=== Arch projects ===
==== kernel26suspend2 ====
'''kernel26suspend2''' has to be rebuilt for 2.6.20, but the lack of a stable suspend2 release has made that impossible so far.
==== beryl ====
'''beryl''' in '''extra''' has to be updated to 0.2.1, the '''unstable''' version has to be moved to git.
* beryl stable done
* beryl-git uploaded

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Who am I

I am a student of Mathematics from Aachen, Germany. I've been using Arch since December 2004. I have been an Archlinux developer since late 2006.

IRC nick: brain0
Jabber: thomas@koios.de

Wiki pages

Here is a list of wiki pages that I wrote. You can always refer to me if you have questions about the pages or the topics discussed there.