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Hello, I'm from Germany and with Arch since Feb. 2006, been a Slackware guy before. If you want to catch me on IRC, my nick there is "jra" (my initials, everywhere else I'm "byte").

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Current Ideas/TODOs:

  • General updates: current->core, cvsup->csup, fglrx->catalyst etc. (default issue for all wikis)
  • Talk:ABS - The Arch Build System (ooold)
  • Automatic parsing/checking of Mirrors, find more mirrors (hats off to GerBra! :-)
  • Wiki style guide for commands/filenames/listings.. check other wikis and MediaWiki docs
  • Foreign languages are a mess, keep them out of the Main namespace somehow
  • ... summing those two up: Editing freedom sucks, I want more rules and structure! >8}