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My site: e.SolarBlue.Net

If you need to get ahold of me regarding any issues with the Wiki, private message me on the ArchLinux Forums from my UserProfile, or send an email to the Archlinux Mailing list, and one of the other admins will be bound to see it. Maybe put [Wiki] in the subject line.

Wiki Migration Pages

This section will be going away soon. It was used in the wiki migration. This is what I migrated..

ChunkC -- done!

Ati Radeon & Kernel 2.6 -- done!
Aurbuild -- done!
Aurscrape -- done!
AUR Translation -- done!
AutoFS HowTo -- done!
Blacklist_of_modules_hotplug_daemon_should_not_load -- done!
Boost_Pacman -- done!

ChunkG -- done!

Distcc -- done
Downgrade_packages -- done
DVD_Ripping -- done
Email_Server_with_Courier_fetchmail_procmail -- done
Enlightenome -- done
Fast_Arch_Install_from_existing_Linux_System -- done
Fastcgi_and_lighttpd -- done
Faster_Compiling_with_Makepkg -- done

ChunkH -- done!

Firefox Tips and Tweaks -- done
Flash and Adobe Acrobat browser plugins -- done
Fluxbox Style Guide -- done
Fonts -- done
Forum Etiquette -- done
FreeNX -- done
FTP Install from ISO using wireless cards -- done

ChunkI -- done!

Gensplash -- done
Get Thunderbird to Export URLS to Firefox -- done
Getting Fluxbox Running -- done
Getting Openbox Running -- done
Getting Testing PKGBUILDs -- done
Gnome Custom Menu Icon -- done
Gnome Menu tweaking -- done
Gnome -- done
Graphical Lilo -- done
Grub configure examples -- done

ChunkR -- done!

Resizing an NTFS partition -- done
RT2400 wireless card drivers -- done
Sample Wireless Profile -- done
Scanner setup & configure -- done
Scanning tips -- done
SciTE -- done
ScriptForDvdBackup -- done
Search and explore local network shares -- done
Setting up or trying out Dvorak -- done
Setting up Samba -- done

ChunkS -- done!

Shutting system down by pressing the power button -- done
Simple WebDav Setup -- done
Slmodem drivers -- done
Sound permission denied -- done
SpeedStep -- done
Speedtouch -- done
Start_X_at_boot -- done
Static_IP_and_DHCP -- done
Subversion_Setup -- done

ChunkT -- done

Taking a Screenshot -- done
The_Arch_package_making_HOW-TO_-_with_guidelines -- done
TheArchWay -- done
Tomcat_and_Apache -- done
Toshiba_Satelite_A45-21S1 -- done
Toshiba_Satellite_5205-S503 -- done
Toshiba_Tecra_8200 -- done
UdevHowTo -- done

ChunkV -- done

Using the Composite extension -- done
Using the quickinst Script to Install Arch Linux -- done
VSFTP -- done
Webcam_Setup -- done
Why don't my Home and End keys work in terminals? -- done
Win4Lin 9x setup -- done
Win4Lin setup -- done
WindowLab -- done
Window Managers and Desktop Environments - What are they? -- done