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About Me

Originally a member of the Manjaro Linux team (a user-friendly Arch-derivative), responsible for:

  • Design and development of the Openbox flavour
  • Manjaro Wiki
  • User documentation
  • Blog articles / release statements
  • Forum moderation and technical assistance
  • Testing

Now a full (and less busy) Arch user, intending to make meaningful contributions to the Arch Wiki. Feel free to ask me anything about the Openbox window manager. My Arch forum account is CarlD.


This will only outline new articles created, intended, or at least old articles that have been completely re-written. Minor edits will not be listed.

New articles created

Re-written Articles

Intended new articles

  • File Manager Functionality: An outline of the packages necessary to make file managers installed in window managers fully featured.
  • SpaceFM: An outline of an increasingly popular file manager, based on PCManFM.