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[[Image:http://static.flickr.com/5/9864720_d7fab186cf.jpg|right|50px|codemac in his prime]]
[[http://static.flickr.com/5/9864720_d7fab186cf.jpg|right|50px|codemac in his prime]]
== Bio ==
== Bio ==

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[in his prime]


Born in 1986 and raised in Dublin, Ohio, until coming to study Computer Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Been using linux since middle school, and is currently a developer for ArchLinux.


  • Patching the AUR ? (I'm working on it before I submit, Paul)


  • Use Linux More
  • Make money
  • MF-ing graduate

Religious Positions


HTTP: blog flickr myspace


Mail: j@codemac.net

IRC: codemac@freenode, Jabber: j@xmpp.us, AIM: jcodemac, YIM: j@codemac.net, MSN: j@codemac.net, Meetro: codemac, Skype: codemac, ICQ: 347168258