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Developer Roadmap


Any comments here? Any problems with my packages? Anything you would like me to package? I don't have much here.

New Archlinux SCM

  • We switched to SVN! It's better than nothing.

Release Coordinator

  • Cooridnate releases, make sure everything gets done.
  • Make sure other people want me as one :P

Package Ownership

Update anything you want. I do not believe in code / package ownership. If you have been approved to be a TU, then update my community packages as you see fit. If you are a Dev, then update my extra and current packages as you see fit. Let me know if you do it; otherwise, thank you for your help.


Born in 1986 and raised in Dublin, Ohio, until coming to study Computer Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Been using linux since middle school, and is currently a developer for ArchLinux.

IRC Quotes

  • <iamsthitha> you do not tell codemac to rtfm.. he is tfm
  • <cactus> in open source, you are only as important as what you contribute.
  • <iamsthitha> if there was a McDonalds in my CS department.. they'd serve codemacs
  • <AqD> codemac: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • based blog
  • Cstatus is a C++ status bar for screen (under heavy development, don't expect anything final too soon)
  • Building new amp
  • retire @ 25


  • Use Linux More -- Done!
  • Make money -- Done!
  • MF-ing graduate -- Done!

Religious Positions


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