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[[Category:Other hardware (English)]]
== Tethering with libimobiledevice ==
With the release of libimobiledevice it's now possible to natively tether the iPhone.
=== Requirements ===
*Install usbmuxd
*Install libimobiledevice (previously libiphone)
*Install The iPhone Ethernet Driver (ipheth)
Though there are packages for all of these, the usbmuxd is the only requirement  recommended to install from arch. Both libimobiledevice and ipheth are recommended to install from the [[git]].
==== Installing usbmuxd ====
As said before usbmuxd is available from AUR and you can install it trough [[yaourt]]
# yaourt -S usbmuxd
==== Installing libimobiledevice ====
You can get libimobile device from MCoyler site at github http://github.com/mcolyer
To get the source and install run the following commands. This should be pretty much straight forward
# git clone git://github.com/mcolyer/libiphone.git
# cd libiphone
# ./autogen.sh
# make
As always check there are no errors so far; if everything looks good you are ready to install
# sudo make install
==== Install ipheth ====

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