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  1. Remove all network functions more complex than a single ethernet card with static IP or dhcp to netcfg
  2. Redesign crypttab support
  3. Initscripts ToDo

Old Crap

Right then, let's have at some of this:

My Pages

arch linux gensplash project

new AUR user guidelines

new AUR TU guidelines

Arch CVS/SVN PKGBUILD guidelines

Arch Packaging Standards

TU Person Specification

New distrowatch blurb

Official Pages - chunkJ


PostFix HostOnly Howto (Updated by DLANOR. Note: You renamed PFHOHT to PFHT, but there is also a PFHT in chunk P, so I moved yours. BACK OFF MY TUFF. --dlanor 15:48, 23 Jul 2005 (EDT))

Howto Upgrade via Home Network

How to use the 'forward' and 'back' buttons on an Intellimouse Explorer

How to set up mouse scroll wheel

How to set mouse speed in X

How to make wget to work with proxy and proxy authentification


Official Pages - chunkK


I just_upgraded and my fonts are all ugly

HP Pavillion zd7140 Installation

Hula Howto



IBM Thinkpad 600E (2645-CBH)

I forgot to run lilo after upgrade and I can't boot!

Identd Setup