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RetroArch is a modular, command-line driven, multi-system emulator system that is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. It has features few other emulators frontends have, such as real-time rewinding and game-aware shading based on the libretro API.


Currently retroarch-gitAUR is in the AUR.

A GTK/QT alternative, retroarch-git-pheonixAUR, is also available.


RetroArch makes use of separate emulator cores (or implementations) available from both the AUR and libretro's github.

Current implementations included in the AUR:

To run retroarch with your preferred system simply launch it with the -L parameter followed by the path to the .so file.

retroarch -L /usr/lib/libretro/libretro-[system].so [ROM].smc


RetroArch provides a skeleton configuration file which can be found at /etc/retroarch.cfg and is very well commented.

Note: The file paths in retroarch.cfg are relative. They are also unable to expand ~/ so either run retroarch against the paths or specify the full path e.g. /home/user/.config/retroarch/[saves]