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{{Article summary start}}
{{Article summary text|This is the user page for '''filam''', not an article. Feel free to leave a question or comment on my [[User talk:Filam|Talk page]].}}
{{Article summary heading|Overview}}
{{Article summary text|[[Special:Contributions/Filam|Contributions]]}}
{{Article summary text|[[ArchWiki:Maintainers|Maintainer]]}}
{{Article summary heading|Wikipedia}}
{{Article summary text|[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Fopam Profile]}}
{{Article summary text|[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/Fopam Contributions]}}
{{Article summary end}}
== ArchWiki guidelines ==
== ArchWiki guidelines ==
* [[Writing Article Overviews]]
* [[Writing Article Overviews]]
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=== Other ===
=== Other ===
* [[Template:Keypress|<nowiki>{{Keypress|Ctrl}}+{{Keypress|Alt}}+{{Keypress|Del|background=#FF0}}</nowiki>]] (see: [[Help:Style#Keyboard keys|Keyboard keys]])
* [[Template:Dead link|<nowiki>{{Dead link|yyyy|mm|dd}}</nowiki>]]
* [[Template:Linkrot|<nowiki>{{Linkrot|yyyy|mm|dd}}</nowiki>]]
== Watchlist ==
== Watchlist ==

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