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*[[Moving pages HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Moving pages HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Article naming guideline (English)]]
*[[Article_Naming_Guidelines|Article naming guideline (English)]]
*[[Short article names HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Article_Naming_Guidelines#Shorten_article_names|Short article names HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Effective use of headers HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Effective use of headers HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Writing article introductions HOWTO (English)]]
*[[Writing article introductions HOWTO (English)]]

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Branko Vukelić-Yamasaki (Бранко Вукелић-Јамасаки)

Residence: Belgrade, Serbia

Current projects

  • None


Is the original author of


  • As of January 2007, Foxbunny is no longer actively maintaining any part of ArchWiki. However, you may still contact him if you have questions.



  • email: fox2bunny@yahoo.co.uk
  • jabber: foxbunny@default.co.yu

You may also find me at the irc.freenode.net (#archlinux node, nick archbunny) sometimes.

If you need to get ahold of me regarding Wiki, private-message me on the Forums by using the PM button on my user profile page, or simply e-mail me.

Web site

FOXBUNNY e-zine : Serbian GNU/Linux DTP e-zine


NGO Linuxo : Serbian Linux Users Association

Read also ContactList