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I joined the Arch Wiki because I think that setting up wifi can be explained better than it has been.

wifi-menu doesn't work (Wireless Internet Doesn't work on Arch)

I got the following message after rebooting during the installation:

Scanning for networks... You need to install 'wpa_supplicant'
No networks found

In order to remedy this, you have to install 'wpa_supplicant' before the reboot. This can be done during the 'pacstrap /mnt' step.

In my case, I had followed the wiki blindly, and had set up a dhcp service in the following way:

[root@archiso /]# systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp0s3.service

That creates a conflict with netctl.

After the reboot, wifi-menu would not work. Here's how I fixed it:

# ip link set wlp3s0 down
# wifi-menu
# wifi-menu -o
# cd /etc/netctl
# netctl start wlp3s0_TP-Link
# netctl enable wlp3s0_TP-Link

'netctl' expects the wireless device to be in a down state. 'wifi-menu' wraps 'netctl'. 'wifi-menu' will not work unless the network device is in a down state.

This information took me two years to articulate.

The wiki needs to have a better wireless configuration section.