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0.1 Release


  • Initial release

0.1b Release


  • Minor feature additions
  • No longer requires editing user files

0.2 Release


  • Added shutdown option
  • Added ability to set login shell (fix for some foreign layouts)

0.3 Release


  • Fixed X incrementing function (thanks Andrwe)
  • Fixed an issue with allowshutdown off and allowconsole on
  • Code cleanup (thanks Brisbin33)
  • Fixed issue with profile.d execution order

0.3.1 Release


  • Added failsafe to startup script that overrides execution if logged in as root

0.3.2 Release


  • Added suspend option

0.3.3 Release


  • Fixed issue with gnome-session handler

0.4 Release

  • Fixed CHANGELOG to better match standards
  • Added proper utilization of exec
  • Added checkyesno function to better handle creative responses in cdmrc
  • Removed defaultwm option (unused)
  • Added ‘countfrom’ option to allow CDM menus to start at 1
  • Added ‘usexinit’ option to allow usage of ~/.xinitrc
  • Added ’serverargs’ option to allow passing custom options to the X server
  • Massive code cleanup
  • Thanks to jpryor for all his help!

0.4.1 Release

  • Fixed several stupid mistakes on my part

0.5 Release

  • Changed the way the xstart function works
  • Hopefully stabilized the xinitrc support
  • General cleanup

0.5.1 Release

  • Removed leftover code
  • Added option to disable consolekit

0.5.2 Release

  • Fixed race condition
  • Fixed SHLVL incrementation