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About me

My real name is Andrzej Giniewicz. I'm leaving in Poland where I'm working towards PhD in math. Started using Linux around 2001 (Red Hat 7.1), then travelled trough at least seven other distributions. Landed with Slackware around 2005 and stayed with it till 2007, when I switched to Arch Linux 0.7. Now I found my distribution of choice and am not moving anywhere. I maintain few machines with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Arch, which includes both workstations and servers. Around 2009 I started to contribute back in form of AUR packages. There you can see list of packages I maintain. In all places I tend to use my nickname - Giniu - this includes this wiki, AUR, forum and bug tracker.

My AUR packages

In AUR I try to maintain quite a few packages - as a rule of thumb if I don't use package any more I disown it, but do no delete it so someone else can pick it up. This is because the package might be still useful, while if I do not use it I might not notice bugs in it. I believe packages are better maintainer by active users. My current list include: