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My Public GPG Key

Homemade Utilities

  • anything-sync-daemonAUR - Symlinks and syncs user specified dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls and speeding-up the system.
  • hosts_updateAUR - Updates /etc/hosts with the mvps blocklist to prevent thousands of parasites, hijackers and unwanted adware/spyware/privacy websites from working.
  • profile-cleanerAUR - Reduces browser profile size by cleaning their sqlite databases.
  • profile-sync-daemonAUR - Symlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls and speeding-up browsers.
  • modprobed_dbAUR - Keeps track of EVERY kernel module that has ever been probed. Useful for those of us who make localmodconfig :)
  • pulseaudio-ctlAUR - Scripts to control pulseaudio volume from the shell. Useful when mapped to keyboard shortcuts under xfce4 for example.

My Stuff @ Github

Arch-centric Links

Favorite Wiki Pages to Which I Have Contributed

  • SSD - Main SSD Article which I started :p
  • Linux-ck - Linux-ck package general info.
  • Repo-ck - Info about the unofficial repo housing linux-ck and related packages which I maintain for the community.
  • Profile-sync-daemon - Sync browser profiles to tmpfs.
  • Modprobed_db - Keeps track of every probed module for though of us who make localmodconfig.
  • Install_from_SSH - Install Arch remotely through SSH.
  • Distcc - Distributed cc.
  • Microcode - When your BIOS isn't up-to-date, this firmware IS.
  • Securely_Wipe_HDD - Some methods to reset SSDs back to factory performance by clearing their cells.
  • Lrzip - Multithreaded archiver reworked by Con Kolivas.
  • Tightvnc - Using vnc.
  • Wake-on-LAN - WOL.
  • E4rat - Tune ext4 partitions to boot much faster.
  • GRUB_EFI_Examples - UEFI Hardware specific help installing GRUB.
  • TORQUE - Run a cluster.
  • Intel C++ - Alternative to gcc, closed source though :/

Miscellaneous Links