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My Public GPG Key

Homemade Utilities

  • anything-sync-daemonAUR - Symlinks and syncs user specified dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls and speeding-up the system.
  • hosts_updateAUR - Updates /etc/hosts with the mvps blocklist to prevent thousands of parasites, hijackers and unwanted adware/spyware/privacy websites from working.
  • profile-cleanerAUR - Reduces browser profile size by cleaning their sqlite databases.
  • profile-sync-daemonAUR - Symlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM thus reducing HDD/SDD calls and speeding-up browsers.
  • modprobed_dbAUR - Keeps track of EVERY kernel module that has ever been probed. Useful for those of us who make localmodconfig :)
  • pulseaudio-ctlAUR - Scripts to control pulseaudio volume from the shell. Useful when mapped to keyboard shortcuts under xfce4 for example.

I'm proud to say that profile-sync-daemon is in use by the Arch community and by the Gentoo community!

My Stuff @ Github

Arch-centric Links

Favorite Wiki Pages to Which I Have Contributed

  • SSD - Main SSD Article which I started :p
  • Linux-ck - Linux-ck package general info.
  • Repo-ck - Info about the unofficial repo housing linux-ck and related packages which I maintain for the community.
  • Profile-sync-daemon - Sync browser profiles to tmpfs.
  • Modprobed_db - Keeps track of every probed module for though of us who make localmodconfig.
  • Install_from_SSH - Install Arch remotely through SSH.
  • Distcc - Distributed cc.
  • Microcode - When your BIOS isn't up-to-date, this firmware IS.
  • Securely_Wipe_HDD - Some methods to reset SSDs back to factory performance by clearing their cells.
  • netcfg - Used to configure and manage network connections via profiles
  • NFS - Article covers configuration of NFSv4 which is an open standard network file sharing protocol.
  • Lrzip - Multithreaded archiver reworked by Con Kolivas.
  • Vncserver - Using vnc.
  • Wake-on-LAN - WOL.
  • E4rat - Tune ext4 partitions to boot much faster.
  • GRUB_EFI_Examples - UEFI Hardware specific help installing GRUB.
  • TORQUE - Run a cluster.
  • Intel C++ - Alternative to gcc, closed source though :/

Miscellaneous Links

Notable Quotes

"Pain or damage don't end the world... or despair, or fucking beatings.
The world ends when you're dead.
Until then, you got more punishment in store.
Stand it like a man...and give some back." --  Al Swearengen (Character).