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This is just a brain dump but feel free to jump in and discuss it or create appropriate wiki pages / sections if you like the ideas presented below.

These suggestions aren't properly thought out so some may be already covered somewhere / do more harm than good / be silly etc. - that's why I'm posting them on my user page and not editing wiki articles just yet ;P

Add to FAQ / General troubleshooting / similar?

Too fresh packages

Problem: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Solution: the mirrors need to sync up, try again later.

Add info about how to check if a package has just been updated / added to the repos / moved from [testing] - check 'Last Updated' date.

You can download the package directly from the mirror by clicking the 'Download From Mirror' link on the top right e.g. [5] but remember it doesn't resolve the dependencies, only gets this one package.