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==[[Getting Started]]==
The [[Table_of_Contents_(English)|ArchWiki Table of Contents]] may be found in the appropriate place.
If you're new to Arch the '''[[Beginners' Guide]]''' may be helpful, if not, you can try the '''[[Official Arch Linux Install Guide]]''' for a more general approach.
== Helpful Places ==
====   [[:Category: About Arch (English)|About Arch]] ====
: [[Arch Linux|What is Arch Linux?]] ::[[The Arch Way]] :: [[Arch Compared To Other Distributions]] :: [[FAQ]] :: [[Arch64 FAQ]] :: [[Official Repositories]] :: [[Arch User Repository]] :: [[Forum Etiquette]]
====   Using the System ====
: [[Pacman]] :: [[:Category: Package management (English)|Package Management]] :: [[Xorg|Xorg Setup]] :: [[:Category: Desktop environments (English)|Desktop Environments]] :: [[:Category:Sound (English)|Audio]] :: [[Common Applications]] :: [[Lightweight Applications]] :: [[Post Installation Tips]] :: [[Configuring Network]]
====   [[:Category: Desktop user's guide (English)|Desktop User's Guide]] ====
: [[:Category: Internet and Email (English)|Internet and Email]] :: [[:Category: Office (English)|Office]] :: [[:Category: Audio/Video (English)|Audio/Video]]
====   [[:Category:System recovery (English)|System Recovery]] ====
: [[GRUB#Bootloader installation|Reinstalling GRUB]] :: [[Kernel Panics]]
====   [[:Category: Arch development (English)|Arch Development]] ====
: [[Getting Involved#AUR .26 Community Projects|Getting Involved with Community Projects]] :: [[:Category: Live Arch systems (English)|Live Arch Systems]]
== Wiki News ==
You'll find the latest information about the Wiki at [[Wiki News]].
If you have some time to make minor or major edits, take a look at the [[Getting Involved#Wiki|Getting Involved]] page to see how you can help. We're especially interested in having people re-categorize the non-English pages. Please coordinate your activities with [[ContactList|admins and sysops]].
== In Your Language ==
More comfortable reading articles in your own language? Browse the categories for the following languages:
: [[:Category:English|English]] :: [[:Category:Español|Español]] :: [[:Category:Česky|Česky]] :: [[:Category:Nederlandstalig|Nederlandstalig]] :: [[:Category:Deutsch|Deutsch]] :: [[:Category:Français|Français]] :: [[:Category:Ελληνικά|Ελληνικά]] :: [[:Category:Italiano|Italiano]] :: [[:Category:日本語|日本語]] :: [[:Category:Lietuviškai|Lietuviškai]] :: [[:Category:Polski|Polski]] :: [[:Category:Русский|Русский]] :: [[:Category:Українська|Українська]] :: [[:Category:Српски|Српски]] :: [[:Category:ไทย|ไทย]] :: [[:Category:简体中文|简体中文]] :: [[:Category:正體中文|正體中文]] :: [[:Category:Türkçe|Türkçe]]
== Help ==
If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, try using the search box to the left.
You must create an account to edit this wiki. Once done, you can play around in the [[Sandbox]] or your user page to familiarize yourself with ArchWiki markup. The available syntax is listed in the [[:Category:ArchWiki Help (English)|Wiki Help Category]] and there is an [[:Category:ArchWiki Tools (English)|ArchWiki Tools section]] with some HOWTOs and guidelines.

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