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Arch and colinux

Here you can find and provide infos about using Arch and colinux.

Creating and using an ArchLinux Image in colinux

After reference the gentoo's colinux guide, and the RemoteInstall. We could build a archlinux based on gentoo's colinux version. Here is my result.

how to upload to arch linux, or colinux's ftp, please contact me

  • modify the default.colinux.xml as
<block_device index="0" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\arch.1gb" enabled="true" />
  • run by
colinux-daemon.exe -c default.colinux.xml
  • edit the /etc/resolv.conf, added your nameserver on it

Booting Arch as an Windows Service using colinux

  • it is easy, just
 colinux-daemon.exe -c arch.xml --install-service colinuxarch
  • on windows service change it to automatic startup