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Arch and colinux

Here you can find and provide infos about using Arch and colinux.

There is a page in the coLinux wiki for installing Arch here, which is much more complete than this one.

Creating and using an ArchLinux Image in colinux

After reference the gentoo's colinux guide, and the Remote_ArchLinux_Install. We could build a archlinux based on gentoo's colinux version. Here is my result.

  • download colinux's lastest snapshot version and install it.
  • on WINXP, combine the TAP-Win32 and your real network card as 'bridge'
  • download my already packed coLinux_arch_07_ext3_512mb.tgz(only 34MB).
  • extract the files into your colinux directory
  • run the a.bat batch file
  • edit the /etc/resolv.conf, added your nameserver on it
  • if successful or fail, let me know, I could improve it when I have time.

Booting Arch as an Windows Service using colinux

  • edit a arch.xml base on the a.bat and default.colinux.xml
  • colinux-daemon.exe -c arch.xml --install-service colinuxarch
  • on windows service change it to automatic startup