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[[ArchWiki:Administrators|ArchWiki Admin]]
[[ArchWiki:Administrators|ArchWiki Administrator]]
Member of the [[ArchWiki Translation Team (Italiano)|Italian ArchWiki Translation Team]]
[[ArchWiki:Maintenance Team|Recent Changes Patrol]]
[[Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes]] Patroller
* '''English'''
* '''Italiano'''
* Français
* Español/Castellano
* Português
*use my [[User_talk:Kynikos|talk page]] for public discussions
*send me an [[Special:EmailUser/Kynikos|email]] for private messages
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[[User:Kynikos/Todo|My todo list]]
<small>The original [[Wikipedia:Diogenes of Sinope|Kynikos]] who put me on the path of Simplicity many years ago.</small>

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  • English
  • Italiano
  • Français
  • Español/Castellano
  • Português


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The original Kynikos who put me on the path of Simplicity many years ago.