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(Regex for replacing = codes: emphasize warning)
(Regex for replacing = codes: fix warning - this didn't make much sense)
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== Regex for replacing = codes ==
== Regex for replacing = codes ==
{{Warning|not tested and can be '''dangerous''', stored here just for future use}}
{{Warning|not tested and can be '''dangerous''', to be fixed in case it is needed in the future}}
regex (remember to select case-insensitive):
regex (remember to select case-insensitive):

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List of discontinued pacman/AUR helpers

Not a pacman/AUR helper, but also discontinued:

Indenting multiline code blocks

MediaWiki does not support multiparagraph list items (and other complex scenarios):

Basically every newline character breaks the list. As a result, multiline code blocks using Template:bc cannot be used inside lists and cannot be indented using colons, unless the content is escaped using <nowiki> tags. Template:hc breaks completely, because the template itself contains a line break -- this is another hack, need to find reference for the The line break is needed, otherwise the wiki will generate extraneous paragraphs inside the 2nd pre block comment.

Another possible workaround is to use HTML-encoded characters, see [5].

Perhaps #tag:pre parser function could solve this? See [6].

Regex for replacing = codes

Warning: not tested and can be dangerous, to be fixed in case it is needed in the future

regex (remember to select case-insensitive):

(\{\{ic)\|([a-z -_.]*)=([a-z -_.]*\}\})

substitution string: