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* [[List of Applications/Internet (Česky)]]
* [[List of Applications/Internet (Česky)]]
== Power management ==
Currently I'm editing [[Power Management]] and related articles, especially [[Suspend to RAM]] and [[Suspend and Hibernate]].
The plan is to have only [[Suspend and Hibernate]] with general content (because both suspend and hibernate share the same overview of backends and wrappers), redirect [[Suspend to RAM]] and [[Hibernate]] to it.
As [[Suspend and Hibernate]] has very short history, this should be done in following steps:
# <s>finish moving information to [[Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation]]</s> -- done
# <s>move [[Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation]] to [[Suspend to RAM]]</s> -- reconsidered
# <s>delete [[Suspend and Hibernate]]</s> -- reconsidered
# <s>move [[Suspend to RAM]] to [[Suspend and Hibernate]]</s> -- done
'''Edit:''' as [[Suspend to RAM]] had also very short history, I just [https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php?title=Suspend_and_Hibernate&diff=268405&oldid=268397 moved] the content.
After moving is done, update links in:
* [[Pm-utils#Hibernation_.28suspend2disk.29]]
* [[General_Recommendations#Power_management]]
* [[Swap#Hibernation]] (possibly delete section)
* [[Partitioning#How big should my partitions be?]]
: -- all done
Decision has to be made, whether the deduplication of [[TuxOnIce]] and [[Uswsusp]] against [[Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation]] is necessary - they both have specific syntax/config file.
=== hibernate-script articles ===
* [[Suspending_to_Disk_with_hibernate-script]]
* [[Suspending_to_RAM_with_hibernate-script]]
I've never used it, but I've been hearing it's in bad shape, and the articles are even worse. Especially https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Suspending_to_RAM_with_hibernate-script contains a lot of unrelated information. Perhaps cleaning it up and joining the two into [[hibernate-script]] is the best solution.

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