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My personal to-do list


Power management

Currently I'm editing Power Management and related articles, especially Suspend to RAM and Suspend and Hibernate.

The plan is to have only Suspend and Hibernate with general content (because both suspend and hibernate share the same overview of backends and wrappers), redirect Suspend to RAM and Hibernate to it.

As Suspend and Hibernate has very short history, this should be done in following steps:

  1. finish moving information to Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation -- done
  2. move Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation to Suspend to RAM -- reconsidered
  3. delete Suspend and Hibernate -- reconsidered
  4. move Suspend to RAM to Suspend and Hibernate -- done

Edit: as Suspend to RAM had also very short history, I just moved the content.

After moving is done, update links in:

Decision has to be made, whether the deduplication of TuxOnIce and Uswsusp against Suspend and Hibernate#Hibernation is necessary - they both have specific syntax/config file.

hibernate-script articles

I've never used it, but I've been hearing it's in bad shape, and the articles are even worse. Especially contains a lot of unrelated information. Perhaps cleaning it up and joining the two into hibernate-script is the best solution.