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Software articles

The following information doesn't justify a software article as it is easily retrievable elsewhere:

  • package names, descriptions, website links (pacman -Ss, pacman -Si)
  • executable, service, manual names, config file locations (pacman -Ql)
  • duplication of the official documentation (manuals, info documents, --help output, official web documentation)

Wiki issues

  • mwparserfromhell doesn't support space-initialized code blocks.[1] There is no other Python MediaWiki parser with a navigable parse tree that does.
  • You can't easily filter out non-English articles hosted on
  • Archived pages clutter the search autocompletion, archived pages return a 200 status code, links to archived pages are blue.
  • The categories of an article are displayed at the bottom of the article, they would be more accessible in the sidebar.

Style issues

Personal disagreements with Help:Style.

  • Permanent linking of common concepts (install, environment variable) is annoying. It is reasonable to assume that ArchWiki users know how to install packages and are familiar with environment variables.
  • Contractions should be allowed. "don't", "isn't"
  • Templates should be used with lowercase template names.


JavaScript function to sum changes from a MediaWiki contributions page:

function pmsum(suff){nodes=$('.mw-plusminus-'+suff); x=0; for(i=0;i<nodes.length;i++){ s=nodes[i].innerHTML; x+=parseInt(s.substr(1,s.length)) } return x}
net = pmsum('pos') + pmsum('neg')