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| com.spotify || [[Spotify]]
| com.spotify || [[Spotify]]
=== Twitter clients ===
See also [[Wikipedia:List of Twitter services and applications]] and [[ List of applications/Internet#Microblogging clients]].
==== Console ====
* {{App|oysttyer|(official fork of ttytter) An interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client written in Perl.|https://github.com/oysttyer/oysttyer|{{AUR|oysttyer-git}}}}
* {{App|Rainbowstream|A powerful and fully-featured console Twitter client written in Python.|https://github.com/orakaro/rainbowstream |{{AUR|rainbowstream}}}}
* {{App|turses|Twitter client for the console based off ''tyrs'' with major improvements.|https://github.com/louipc/turses|{{AUR|turses-git}}}}
==== Graphical ====
* {{App|Birdie|Beautiful Twitter client designed for elementary OS.|https://www.amuza.uk/birdie|{{AUR|birdie-git}}}}
* {{App|Corebird|Native GTK+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop.|http://corebird.baedert.org/|{{Pkg|corebird}}}}
* {{App|Mikutter|Simple, powerful Twitter client using [[GTK+]] and Ruby.|http://mikutter.hachune.net/|{{AUR|mikutter}}}}
* {{App|Polly|Linux Twitter client designed for multiple columns of multiple accounts.|https://launchpad.net/polly/|{{AUR|polly}}}}
* {{App|Turpial|Multi-interface Twitter client written in Python.|http://turpial.org.ve/|{{AUR|turpial-git}}}}

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Domain Packages
com.messenger caprine, messengerfordesktop, purple-facebook

Cloud clients

See also Cloud synchronization clients.

Domain Packages
com.live.drive onedriveAUR, cloudcrossAUR
com.dropbox dropboxAUR, cloudcrossAUR
com.google.drive drive-binAUR, griveAUR, gdriveAUR, insync, cloudcrossAUR
nz.mega megasyncAUR, megatoolsAUR
ru.mail.cloud mailru-cloudAUR, cloudcrossAUR
ru.yandex.disk yandex-diskAUR, cloudcrossAUR

Music streaming

Domain Packages
com.pandora Pianobar, pithosAUR
com.spotify Spotify