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I am an experienced GNU/Linux user. After being constantly bombarded with dren from systems like Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE which try to do everything automagically, I have discovered that Arch Linux doesn't break nearly as often when I try to do interesting things with it, like install another window manager (because that's such an insane thing to do! O_o)

Anyway...I use Arch Linux as my primary system, all other distributions bow down to it as mere playthings. Except they're covered in lead paint and kill your brain cells. I have Arch on three systems:

  1. OptiPlex 745 (Tower)
  2. Inspiron 1440 (Laptop)
  3. Inspiron 1110 (Netbook)

On these systems I run GNOME 3, which runs better here than I find it does on Fedora. Lovely.

I'm a video game-programming hobbyist who has an affinity for data storage. I choose Arch Linux. 'Cause it's frelling awesome.