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I generally go by "mDuo13" but MediaWiki likes to capitalize the first letter of pages.

I'm a technical writer and computer geek in the Silicon Valley in California, USA. I like anime, games, and creative writing too. My website is [1].

You can contact me on many IM protocols: mDuo13 on AIM and YIM, mduo13@ on GTalk [domain omitted as spam protection], for MSN. On days where I remember my ICQ password you can even contact me there (119546572).

Before making the switch to Arch, I used Linux Mint as my main OS for about 6 months, but got sick of the broken upgrades and out of date packages. Prior to that I used eeeXubuntu on my netbook and Windows XP on my desktop. (I would've installed Mandrake 7.2 on that desktop, but driver support for my mobo's onboard components sucked at the time.) I also worked for MontaVista Software documenting their embedded Linux for almost 3 years. ;)

My current rig:
2.66GHz Intel Core i7 "Bloomfield" CPU
Radeon HD5770 GPU
3x2GB Corsair XMS3 RAM
ASUS P6T motherboard
80GB Intel X-25M SSD
2x1.5TB Western Digital Caviar drives (software RAID1)
Corsair 730w PSU
1280x1024 Samsung SyncMaster 930B
1920x1080 LG FLATRON M237WD

2.6.33-arch kernel
Openbox | Stalonetray | Thunar | Firefox | Audacious | Conky | deluge
Catalyst (fglrx) driver
VirtualBox w/ Windows XP Guest (for Japanese games & Photoshop)