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Comment: See Help talk:Template#New Template Application.

An 'application' info box used to display important package information succinctly.


| packagename=mariadb
| upstreamurl=
| upstreamname=MariaDB Downloads
| description=database server
| servicefile=mariadb.service
| configfile=/etc/mysql/my.cnf
| configexamples=/usr/share/mysql/
| usergroup=mysql:mysql|manpage=mysql
| manpage=mysql
| updocurl=


The info box to the right is the above example code live.


Item Description
Arch Package mariadb
Upstream Package MariaDB Downloads
Description database server
Systemd Service mariadb.service
Config Path /etc/mysql/my.cnf
Config Examples /usr/share/mysql/
User and Group mysql:mysql
Man Page(s) mysql(1)
Upstream Documentation