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Topics TODO: - Full disk encryption with LUKS and systemd-askpass - Custom initramfs(needed modules/hooks, pros and cons for a minimal initrd, speed measurements) - Power management, graphics performance, TLP - Touchpad, trackpoint config, including udev hwdb, smooth scrolling for apps(Firefox) - Controlling LEDs - NetworkManager privacy functions, choosing DNS resolver, configuring systemd-resolved, DNS over TLS - Pacman hooks for kernel updates - Secure Boot, Keytool, sbsign - Boot performance tweaks - Optimal UEFI configuration - Custom UEFI logo at boot, preparing and flashing UEFI updates to USB flash disks - Setting up fwupd/LVFS - Using EFISTUB, setting efivars via efibootmgr, creating a systemd-boot fallback - Setting early splash screen via fbv instead of plymouth - thinkpad_acpi and Thinkpad-specific tweaks, charge thresholds - Setting up sudo - Configuring systemd, journald, logind autologin - Configuring ssd optimizations, issuing fstrim regularly - Setting up gnome-shell, gdm3, gnome-shell extensions - Setting gnome/gtk options in dconf, gnome-tweak-tool - Keeping the system with all its components updated - Keeping configuration files in sync - Backups