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I'm a student studying computer engineering and an Arch user since 2008 or so. Now I run Arch on my VPS and a couple of embedded devices.

My contributions to this wiki are an effort to give back to a community that has guided me through years of Linux experience. I had a moment of realization when I found a couple of weak pages and thought:

Oh, wait, this is a wiki. You're supposed to actually edit it yourself if you want to see improvement!

It's funny because wikis seem almost like a textbook before this happens, and afterwards you notice a living, breathing document under the scenes. I used wikis for years and never thought twice about editing them.

I like programming. In school I use C, Java and ARM assembly language. At work I use C# and Node.js usually. At home I just write Zsh/Bash scripts and learn weird stuff like Haskell. I haven't written any software you've heard of, but hopefully someday that will change.