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What do I do? Well...
-Arch Developer

-Package Maintainer
-ArchStats Developer

-AUR Developer
-Trusted User

Essentially, you can read all of the above as "free labor" or "ArchMonkey", or "Free Laboring ArchMonkey", whatever floats yer boat. Either way I enjoy what I do here, and it is a great privelege to be a part of such a strong community. Even though most of us have never met each other (I have never met any of you, though at least a few live but km's away), this community is stronger than many I have seen where the people have actual face-to-face contact (perhaps that's the strength?, no one's ugly, fat, skinny, too young, too old, the wrong race, etc.), and being part of a community like that makes it all the more special.

User:cactus has endowed us with this wonderful new wiki. It is much more responsive than the past one, and has a clearer sense of organization. Thank you, cactus, for pushing this through, it will be a great help to Arch in the future.

--Neotuli 09:56, 15 Aug 2005 (EDT)