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* Operating System, Virtualization
* Operating System, Virtualization
* Compiler Design
* Cloud Computing
* Cloud Computing
* Heterogeneous Computing
* Heterogeneous Computing

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Welcome to my user page! Please feel free to comment on my talk page. Any discussion or chatting, no matter GNU/Linux, my research, or even games on Linux, learning Chinese, politics in asia are welcomed here!


Personal Profile

關於我 / About me

  • 正體中文使用者 / Traditional Chinese user.
  • 國立清華大學博士生 / A PhD Student in National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

想做的事情 / Wish list

  • 將重要的文章翻譯成正體中文 / Translate important articles
  • 幫助更多初學者進入Archlinux的門檻 / Help more tranditional Chinese user use Arch
  • 更加了解Arch社群 / Get familiar with Arch community

聯絡方式 / Contact

  • s101062801@m101.nthu.edu.tw

Research Interest

  • Operating System, Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Heterogeneous Computing