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I maintain some packages which can be found here.

Short LVM resize guide

I happened to resize my LVM configuration quite often but never can remember the actual steps. The targeted partitions have to be umounted.

Activate the volume group

# vgchange -ay

Shrink a LVM volume

# e2fsck -f /dev/VolGroup00/Home
# resize2fs /dev/VolGroup/Home 180G # Resize to 180G
# lvreduce -L 182G /dev/VolGroup00/Home # Reduce the LVM volume to a bit more than the actual file system size
# resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/Home # Resize to the remaining size of the LVM volume

Resize a LVM volume

# lvextend -L 1300M /dev/VolGroup00/Home # Resize by 1300M
# lvextend -l +100%FREE VolGroup00/Home # Resize by the remaining space
# e2fsck -f /dev/VolGroup00/Home
# resize2fs /dev/VolGroup00/Home