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== Developer Roadmap ==
== Developer Roadmap ==
===Awesomeness Factor===
=====3.0.1 Release=====
* Moved to testing
* Should cover all reported issues with 3.0.0
====3.1 Release====
* Attempt to switch to git
* Maintain 3.0.X changes in CVS, 3.Y changes in git
===Arch "Projects" interface===
====projman python module====
* Basic scripts for managing repos and jailed logins
* Group based unix permission setup
====simplistic cgi frontend====
* Front end to projman
* User registration, addition of new projects, project admin
* Basic usage documentation finished: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacbuild_Explained
* New stuff in svn
** fail to prompt if root device can't be found
** better handling of rootdelay
** script fixes for adding directories
* To be tested / released soon
===Live ISO scripts===
* Can move forward with unionfs/squashfs addition
* TODO isolinux integration
* TODO squashfs config overlay

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Developer Roadmap

Awesomeness Factor