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(FluxBB 1.4 Upgrade)
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==L10n-de Todo==
* Rewrite
** [[ArchWiki Tutorial (Deutsch)]]
** [[Getting Involved (Deutsch)]]
==FluxBB 1.4 Upgrade==
* merge bbs.archlinux.de into git repo
* create empty fluxbb db
* adjust permissions of fluxbb user
* Password-protect access to bbs
* <s>Remove or Rename duplicate accounts: http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=101085</s>
** Test:
id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
username varchar(200) NOT NULL,
UNIQUE KEY users_username_idx (username(25))
INSERT INTO tusers SELECT id, username FROM fluxbb_users;</pre>
* Backup database phpbb
* Backup complete directory
* import backup db into fluxbb
* adjust config.php
<pre>$db_name = 'fluxbb';
$db_type = 'mysql_innodb';
$cookie_secure = 1;
$arch_home ='http://www.archlinux.org/';
$arch_navbar = array('Home' => 'http://www.archlinux.org/',
                      'Packages' => 'http://www.archlinux.org/packages/',
                      'Forums' => 'http://bbs.archlinux.org/',
                      'Wiki' => 'http://wiki.archlinux.org/',
                      'Bugs' => 'http://bugs.archlinux.org/',
                      'AUR' => 'http://aur.archlinux.org/',
                      'Download' => 'http://www.archlinux.org/download/');
$arch_navbar_selected = 'Forums';</pre>
* remove fluxbb_ prefix from tables (adjust config.php)
<pre>RENAME TABLE fluxbb_bans TO bans;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_categories TO categories;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_censoring TO censoring;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_config TO config;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_forum_perms TO forum_perms;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_forums TO forums;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_groups TO groups;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_online TO online;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_posts TO posts;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_ranks TO ranks;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_reports TO reports;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_cache TO search_cache;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_matches TO search_matches;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_words TO search_words;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_subscriptions TO subscriptions;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_topics TO topics;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_users TO users;</pre>
* <s>Deny access to cache, include, lang, plugins, config.php, header.php, footer.php</s>
* <s>Add password-protected access to db_update.php, install.php</s>
* <pre>rm -f cache/*.php</pre>
* temporary disable apc stat cache
* temporaray increase maximum php execution time and memory usage
* killall php-cgi
* run update script
* check for wrong or duplicate mysql indexes
* set default style to ArchLinux
<pre>UPDATE users SET style='ArchLinux';</pre>
* revert changes in php.ini and apc.ini
* re-enable public access
* if everything is fine remove phpbb db

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