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L10n-de Todo

FluxBB 1.4 Upgrade

  • Remove or Rename duplicate accounts:
  • Password-protect access to bbs
  • Backup database phpbb
  • move current dir and clone new git repo
  • copy avatars to new dir
  • adjust config.php
    • don't forget to add arch_navbar and arch_home vars
  • copy phpbb database to fluxbb
    • permissions for fluxbb user might need to be adjusted
    • just import backup from above into fluxbb
  • optional: remove fluxbb_ prefix from tables (adjust config.php)
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_bans TO bans;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_categories TO categories;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_censoring TO censoring;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_config TO config;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_forum_perms TO forum_perms;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_forums TO forums;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_groups TO groups;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_online TO online;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_posts TO posts;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_ranks TO ranks;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_reports TO reports;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_cache TO search_cache;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_matches TO search_matches;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_search_words TO search_words;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_subscriptions TO subscriptions;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_topics TO topics;
RENAME TABLE fluxbb_users TO users;
  • Deny access to cache, include, lang, plugins, config.php, header.php, footer.php
  • Add password-protected access to db_update.php, install.php
  • killall php-cgi
  • run update script
  • check for wrong or duplicate mysql indexes
  • re-enable public access