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L10n-de Todo

Post update tasks

  • write a script to check and fix database integrity
update topics a set a.first_post_id=(SELECT MIN( FROM posts WHERE;
update topics a set a.last_post_id=(SELECT MAX( FROM posts WHERE;
update topics set first_post_id=0, last_post_id=0, last_poster=null, num_views=0, num_replies=0 where moved_to is not null;
update topics set num_replies=(select count(id)-1 from posts where where topics.moved_to is null;
update forums set num_topics=(select count(id) from topics where;
update forums set num_posts=(select sum(num_replies)+count( from topics where and topics.moved_to is null);
  • if everything is fine remove phpbb db
  • why are there two fluxbb users
  • why is the db that slow?
  • create backup script