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* Page templates ([[Page Templates Guide]])
* Page templates ([[Page Templates Guide]])
* Translation guidelines ([[Help:i18n]] or separate?)
* Translation guidelines ([[Help:i18n]] or separate?)
* [[General Recommendations#Graphical user interface]] or [[#X Window System]]
* <s>[[General Recommendations#Graphical user interface]] or [[#X Window System]]</s> ([[General Recommendations#X Window System]] won)
==Package management==
==Package management==

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TODO list

Package management

Packages in Arch Linux are built using makepkg and a custom build script for each package (known as a PKGBUILD). Once packaged, software can be installed and managed with pacman. PKGBUILDs for software in the official repositories are available from the ABS tree; thousands more are available from the (unsupported) Arch User Repository.


TEST help replacing me
A second example, because the above won't play nice with the existing article status templates...
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