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==TODO list==
'''[[ArchWiki:About|ArchWiki]] Admin'''
* [[Template:Article summary app]]? (Preview below)
** Better yet: update [[Template:App]] (which can be included within an article summary)
* Section-specific request templates?
** Update relevant templates' wording such that section-specific templates are not required
* [[Arch Handbook]], [[Arch Linux Handbook]], and [[Beginners' Guide]] ... something should start happening here!
* <s>Move [[ArchWiki Tutorial]] to [[Help:Editing]] ([[Help talk:Editing#Questionable usefulness of this page]])</s>
* [[Help:i18n]] -- what to do with categories?
* <s>Recategorize contents of [[:Category:Laptops (English)]]</s>
* [[HCL]]?
* [[Add new partitions to an existing system]] -> [[Partitioning]] or [[Partitioning and file systems]]
* ToC/index improvements
==Package management==
Use my [[User talk:pointone|talk]] page for public comments. Use my [[Special:EmailUser/pointone|email]] for private comments.
Packages in Arch Linux are built using [[makepkg]] and a custom build script for each package (known as a [[PKGBUILD]]). Once packaged, software can be installed and managed with [[pacman]]. PKGBUILDs for software in the [[official repositories]] are available from the [[ABS]] tree; thousands more are available from the (unsupported) [[Arch User Repository]].
See [[ArchWiki:Administrators]] for additional contact information.
* [[User talk:pointone/Main Page]]
* [[User:pointone/i18n]]
{{Article summary start|TEST}}
{{Article summary text|A second example, because the above won't play nice with the existing article status templates...}}
{{Article summary heading|Available in languages}}
* [[User:pointone/Main Page]]
{{i18n entry|English|User:Pointone}}
* [[User:pointone/Overviews]]
{{Article summary heading|Related articles}}
* [[User:pointone/Todo]]
{{Article summary wiki|Main Page}}
{{Article summary heading|Application information}}
{{Article summary text|{{Sandbox
|description=A media player for KDE ... With a longer description to see how it will appear in the overview box you're looking at right now...
|arch=i686, x86_64
|license=GPL2, LGPL2, FDL
|package={{Package Official|amarok}}}}}}
{{Article summary end}}
__NOTOC__ {{DISPLAYTITLE:User:pointone}}
__NOTOC__ {{DISPLAYTITLE:User:pointone}}

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ArchWiki Admin

Use my talk page for public comments. Use my email for private comments.

See ArchWiki:Administrators for additional contact information.