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Several packages exist for scientific/numerical computing using [[python|Python]]: typical ones include numpy, scipy, and matplotlib. These are commonly used to provide a free alternative to [[matlab]]. (TODO: mention other packages, like chaco, mayavi, scikits, etc?)
numpy, scipy, and matplotlib are all available in extra/community (TODO: add links).
==Improving Performance==
numpy and scipy use basic blas/lapack routines, but using atlas (AUR) will fine-tune these basic routines to the processor architecture (TODO: talk more about atlas).
Unfortunately, numpy does not seem to recognize atlas unless it's rebuilt with atlas already present on the system. So we use the ABS to rebuild numpy after installing atlas.
(TODO: Add background to FFTW)
Recent versions of numpy/scipy no longer use FFTW. python-fftw3 from AUR is a python wrapper to extra/fftw.
Show code examples to use python-fftw.

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